Dental Services in Our Clinics

Cosmetic dentistry:

Tooth whitening:

  • laser
  •  home whitening (night-time treatment)
  • internal (where the tooth has died)

Veneers (porcelain)

  • All-ceramic crowns (press or zircon)
  • Tooth decoration (appliqués)

Implant treatments:

  • Implant placement (Straumann SLA)
    Implantplacement ( Straumann SLA ctive)
    Sinus-lift procedure
    Bone augmentation – guided tissue regeneration

Prosthetic dentistry:
Post and crown:

  • single: non-precious metal 80% gold
  • molar: non-precious metal 80%

Crown inlays,onlays or overlays

  •     gold
  •     ceramic
  • overlay (gold or ceramic)


  • metal veneer: non-precious metal  80% gold
  • all-ceramic (press or zircon)

Electroformed gold crowns and bridges

  • partial metal framework
  • partial metal framework with precise retaining elements (clasps)
  • telescopic
  • implant retained (cost depends on the number of implants)
  • partial acrylic
  • total acrylic
  • immediate acrylic


Ultrasonic scaling
Sand blasting
Dental splints (per unit ):

  • composite
  • Fiber
  • Splint-lock
  • Curettage
    Gingivectomy – improves the gums’ appearance
    Guided tissue regeneration
    Gum graft surgery

Root canal treatment (endodontics):

  • Conventional root canal treatment
  • Microscope root canal treatment

Conservative dentistry:

Fillings (permanent and milk teeth)
Crown restoration with posts:

  • fibreglass
  • composite
  •  titanium

Composite veneers


  • Extractions
  • Hemisection
  • Root resection
  • Cyst removal

Digital X-rays:

  • single tooth
  • panoramic

Preventive care:

  • Flouride sealant
  • Pit and fissure sealant (for children)