Szczecin Poland

In the north-western part of Poland, where the Odra river lazily continues its journey into the Baltic Sea and where you can find the alluring open spaces of Lake Dabie, lies a charming city, fuli of greenery. Here, the past intertwines with the present. That city is Szczecin – once a proud seat of the House of Griffins, a dynasty of Pomeranian dukes, and today -a metropolis, teeming with life, offering a whole archipelago of tourist attractions to its visitors.

The city of a thousand sensations

Szczecin is fuli of surprises, magical places, it offers unique experiences. Just open your eyes and listen to its heartbeat… Stand in the shadow of its City Hali, sit down for a minute in the Castle courtyard, look up into the sky at the base of the Szczecin Cathedral, with its tower spire reaching high into the clouds. Watch the panoramic view of the city from the 22nd floor of a modern office block, and then visit the underground tunnels. Take a walk the forest line, swim across the lakę… Visit Szczecin – discover a city that will leave you with a thousand fond memories.

lt’s not just the historical sights…

In order to learn something about the city’s long and rich history, its best to take a walk along the City Tourist Trail. This seven-kilometer-long walk will lead you through the most interesting corners of Szczecin and allow you to visit 42 sites that bear testimony to the city’s colorful history. The trail itself is easy to follow – marked by a noticeable red line on the sidewalk – you simply can’t miss it! So go on, take a walk along the Chrobry Ramparts, visit the Pomeranian Dukes’ Castle, see the Szczecin Cathedral with a viewing deck located on the tower spire, discover birthplace of Tsarina Catherine. You may begin and finish this sightseeing tour wherever you like, but in order to learn about the fascinating history and fully appreciate the cultural diversity of the streets and buildings in Szczecin, it’s really worth seeing all that the City Tourist Trail offers.

 You Dont Like Sightseeing?? Try Our Clubs and Entertainments

Szczecin’s cultural scene is extraordinary – a place where a variety amazing artists regularly perform and where unconventional events are refreshingly commonplace. Young in spirit and brimming with passion, the city lends its support to a full range of creative activities and venues in which they take place. Szczecin is home to a wide variety of performance venues and host to unique events that attract artists and visitors from around Europe and around the world.

As Western Pomerania’s cultural capital, the city annually presents a range of offerings in classical and contemporary music, theater and the visual arts. The calendar also features festivals celebrating the city’s nautical heritage, regional and national art exhibitions, and chorale, street theater, puppetry and experimental music events of international renown. Such dynamism is testament to the passion for creative endeavors and the support for people and projects that bring vitality to city and the region.

Stay with us

When it comes to accommodation, Szczecin offers a range of options. From an extraordinary hotel in a beautiful park to luxurious apartments, intimate guesthouses, cozy lodges and inexpensive hostels, the city’s innkeepers cater to every taste and budget.
Taste each moment with us

Visitors to Szczecin can enjoy the world’s great cuisines at the city’s many restaurants, pubs and cafes. The close proximity to waterways, fields and forests make the city and ideal place to experience the full range of Polish culinary delights, from regional specialties to national dishes. And don’t forget the Starka – an oak-aged vodka that is produced only in Western Pomerania!