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Hyperion features Morphology Recognition Technology (MRT) which automatically identifies patient size and all parameters required to ensure correct X-ray exposure.

Stress-free experience

Allow your patient to stand still, while the laser-guided multi-motor kinematics positions itself in a matter of seconds.

The face-to-face approach makes it comfortable for both dentist and patient. Reassuring eye contact with your patient is possible at all times.

A fast scan reduces possibility of patient movement. 7.9 seconds for the child panoramic and just 9.2 seconds the adult panoramic.

Failsafe procedures

Via laser-guided multi-motor kinematics, Hyperion positions itself around your patient, reads the subject and scans accordingly.

No standardized single rotation axis. Each exam is personalized to give you utmost diagnostic precision.

With MRT technology there is no need to program exposure times or technical factors such as kV or mA levels, nor is it necessary to select patient build. Hyperion predicts your needs exactly.

The machines in the X7 series can house a relocatable sensor or two permanent sensors.

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Reality has never been so clear. High definition details and innovative design for maximum comfort. C-U2 HD: the perfection of a complete high definition examination.

It shows the patient, in real time, images and footages for the sake of direct and effective communication.

Precise, sharp and clear, only C-U2 HD offers you clear and contrasted images under all circumstances. It shows/visualizes the aesthetic aspect of a smile or a single tooth with maximum high resolution. The best.

IMAGINE. Professional optical system and uniform field of view, -distortion-free. Thanks to the F/8 lens aperture and the innovative HD sensor, you get homogeneous lights and natural colours. Under all circumstances.

MOVE. Multifunction button and automatic Focus-Free adjustments: view, browse, enlarge, save. The flexibility of a Track Pad in just one button and automatic parameters for maximum comfort, with maximum results. The 360° backlight visualizes the state of the handpiece under any condition of use.

SHARE. Communication with the patient has never been so simple: view, share, inform. All in one click. Archive and process the images on a PC thanks to the last generation MyRay software platform: iRYS.