Toothache usually comes from inside the tooth or around the gum and bone structures. Typically, a toothache feels like a constant or intermittent throbbing pain that doesn’t go away. Changes in temperature, such as exposure to cold drinks or pressure on a tooth while chewing, can stimulate tooth pain. In other cases, toothache may occur spontaneously without any stimulation. It’s hard to ignore a sore tooth while eating or going

Regular dental check-ups, next to the rules of proper oral hygiene, are the most important element of prevention of dental and oral cavity diseases. Unfortunately many people for fear that such a visit will be unpleasant for them, often avoid them for a long time. This is a big mistake. Irregular examination of the condition of the oral cavity can only have an even more negative impact on the condition

There are various reasons to decide you whiten your teeth could be whiter. People who drink a lot of coffee or tea, or who smoke a lot, often find that their teeth develop stains and discolorations. You can go to your dentist to try laser whitening. This procedure is probably the fastest ways to whiten your teeth and brightened. A bleaching agent is painted on the teeth, then a laser

Vi ønsker å invitere deg til å besøke nytt nettsted – Tannlege Polen . På dette nettstedet kan du enkelt velge hvordan du vil bruke tid i Gdansk og Sopot. Du kan velge mellom grunnpakker til adrenalin-fest og mange andre. Til alle pakker bør du legge til vip-pakke – så vil du ha privat sjåfør og flott innkvartering

For all Norwegian patients who looking for high quality dental threatment in Poland we would like to present new website On that website you ll find all necessary information about dental services, helfo refundation and travel do Szczecin ( Poland ). If you have any questions their Norwegian resident ll answer on all your questions in norwegian language.

Oral cavity cancers account for 30% of head and neck cancers and represent a significant challenge to clinicians. Treatment requires multidisciplinary expertise and is complicated by the complex role that the oral cavity plays in speech,mastication,and swallowing. Oral squamous carcinomas account for 90% of malignancies affecting the oral cavity, and will be the focus of this chapter. Although discussion will be limited to the treatment ofsquamous cell cancers, oncologic principles

All your journeys should be planned to Szczecin Goleniow Airport The most convenient way of reaching the city by car is to take the A11 Motorway from Berlin, or the A20 Motorway from Lubeck. Tourists travelling by train can choose from a wide selection of railway connections.  Additionally, as a means of promoting traveling by train, the holders of DB Schönes-Wochenende-tickets, Berlin-Brandenburg-tickets or Mecklenburg-Vorpommern-tickets will also be entitled to travel

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Smile makeover

Before and after our dental treatment samples. When this patient came to see dental office for a consult, he mentioned how his smile really affected his confidence. His teeth were very crowded and his left eyetooth was too far up and not in biting position. The eyeteeth (canines) are pivotal and they need to be in the correct position. If they are not aligned properly, a variety of problems can

This dental clinic located at Szczecin in Poland is fitted with advanced diagnostic and treatment equipment and the team of highly trained and experienced professionals use leading edge techniques while treating patients. Low cost and high quality services are provided for overseas patients at the clinic. All international standards of sterilization and cross infection prevention are strictly adhered to at the clinic. Services provided include examinations and professional dental cleaning,