Oct 2015

Smile makeover

Before and after our dental treatment samples.

before dental treatment1

When this patient came to see dental office for a consult, he mentioned how his smile really affected his confidence. His teeth were very crowded and his left eyetooth was too far up and not in biting position.

The eyeteeth (canines) are pivotal and they need to be in the correct position. If they are not aligned properly, a variety of problems can happen. In this case, these included TMJ problems, overuse, and wearing down of the front teeth.

This patient makeover was more involved and required 3 phases to complete.

The 1st phase was to align his teeth in an ideal position with braces. The 2nd phase consisted of aligning the uneven gum levels with laser gum recontouring to create better symmetry. 3rd we placed 8 laminates to regain the proper tooth shape and color that was lost.

Source: dentysta